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Preparing your own death

We’re betting you’ve had an Old Fashioned cocktail sometime in your life — after all, it is the world’s most popular cocktail! If you’re a fan of the OF, we have a feeling you’ll like Martinique’s version of this classic tipple: the Ti’ Punch.

Short for “petite punch,” the Ti’ Punch is the most popular cocktail in the French West Indies and the national cocktail of Martinique…but it has a twist! The tradition in the islands is to let the drinker build their own cocktail, so that it’s tailored specifically to their tastes. There is a delightful phrase that the locals use to describe the preparation of their Ti’ Punch: chacun prepare sa propre mort. Roughly translated, it means “each prepares his own death.”

So, you’ll be served a small carafe of rum (on Martinique, the favored variety is rhum agricole, which is made from fresh sugar cane juice, instead of molasses like most other rums…check out our What the Heck With Henry post on rum for more info), some cane sugar simple syrup, and fresh limes. Then, go to it! Adjust the sweet and sour levels with the syrup and lime, and have fun sipping this simple, yet delicious, cocktail.

Because it’s so simple in its construction, the quality of the ingredients matter. Choose a rum that you enjoy (bonus points if you use rhum agricole — this is such a wonderful way to get to know this spirit!), as well as fresh limes and a high quality cane sugar to make your simple syrup. Try it this weekend, or serve it to your guests and let “each prepare their own death.” It’s the most fun you’ll have contemplating your mortality! 😉


Ti’ Punch

2 oz. rhum agricole

Fresh lime wedges

Cane sugar simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water)

Add ingredients to a glass in quantities to suit your taste and gently stir to combine. Ice is optional as well. Sip & enjoy!


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