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Sharing Our Shelf

Well, friends, the holiday season is officially upon us. And with it, the requests for the best booze books for gift-giving! If you, too, are on the hunt for the perfect book for your imbibing loved ones, look no further. Today, we're sharing our shelf with our all-time fave boozy books.

These are the must-haves, the best of the best! Essentials for anyone interested in this expansive topic. And, covering a wide array of genres. From beer to tropical drinks, from history to comprehensive encyclopedias. (Just so you know: we aren't receiving any compensation for this -- we just really like these books!). Let's dive in, shall we?


3-Ingredient Cocktails - Lovely, delicious cocktails for the home bartender and pro - with only three ingredients each.

Amaro - All about the beautiful bitter Italian liqueurs and the families who make them.

Bitters - A great introduction into "cocktail seasoning," along with some great recipes for the DIY-inclined to make their own bitters.

Cocktail Codex - A deep dive into the major cocktail templates. A good intro to cocktail theory for newcomers, but with also a lot of detail and advanced concepts for the pros.

Craft of the Cocktail - A comprehensive recipe book of classics you need to know, from the man who essentially kicked off the modern cocktail renaissance: Dale DeGroff.

Girly Drinks - A fun and lighthearted read about all the amazing accomplishments that women have contributed to our imbibing, all throughout antiquity and modern history.

Imbibe! - The history of the first star-tenders and the early life of the cocktail. Essential reading for anyone interested in adult beverages.

I'm Just Here for the Drinks - A fun intro to spirits and cocktails with a mix of classic and contemporary recipes from one of our favorite bartenders: Sother Teague.

Liquid Intelligence - A super nerdy deep dive into the technical science of cocktails. For the daring and scientifically-minded cocktailer!

Meehan's Bartender Manual - A completely comprehensive look at the history of the bar and all its inner workings. If you've ever wanted to own a bar or just understand how it operates, this is the book for you.

Mezcal - A lovely primer on all things mezcal.

Punch - The super interesting history of punch - who knew?!

Smuggler's Cove - An intro to the fun world of tropical drinks, with a vast list of classic and modern recipes.

Tasting Whiskey - A manifesto on how to taste and enjoy whiskey! An easy and fun read.

The Bar Book - A great introduction to everything a home bartender needs to get started.

The Oxford Companion to Beer - A massive encyclopedic tome covering all the nuts and bolts of beer. The entries are sourced from the industry leaders.

The Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails - Same as the beer version, but for spirits and cocktails!

Vermouth - A look into the surprisingly interesting world of fortified wine, including a fascinating world history of the origins of alcohol.

Happy reading! Which books are we forgetting? #Shareyourshelf with us!

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