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The Art of the Cocktail

It’s National Cocktail Day! And although we don’t need a specific reason to celebrate one of our favorite culinary concoctions, it is nice to take a moment to reflect on how…well, awesome! a cocktail is.

Our background here at The Fizzy Coupe is in art and aesthetics originally, so we like to approach cocktails with the same perspective as we would a work of art: that everyone experiences tasting a cocktail with their own unique perspective, and that perspective can change over time as we gain new experiences. And, taking the time to notice, contextualize, and understand the cocktail can dramatically enhance our enjoyment and experience with it. After all, what is a well-crafted cocktail but a work of art that is appreciated by your palate!

So today, instead of a recipe, we’re offering some questions to encourage you to pause and reflect on your next cocktail drinking experience. And, to dig deeper into this approach, let’s schedule a class together! It’s a fun, reflective, and tasty good time!

Questions to ponder while enjoying a cocktail:

  • Using all of my senses, what do I notice about this cocktail?

  • If I know the ingredients, can I identify their individual flavors as I taste them? Are some flavors more prominent than others? Is there synergy created: new flavors that arise from the combination of these ingredients?

  • Does the cocktail taste like it smells? What’s the same or different about what I’m smelling versus what I’m tasting?

  • What did I like?

  • What did I dislike?

  • What did it remind me of?

  • How did it make me feel?

  • Did it bring me back to a specific time and place? What is the experience I’m remembering?

  • Does it remind me of something I’ve smelled before? Tasted before? Can I name them?

  • Am I surprised by any of the flavors I’m tasting? Why is that?

  • What am I curious about?

  • How do I interpret this cocktail? How would I describe this drinking experience to someone else?

  • If I’m drinking this with someone else, how are our experiences with the cocktail the same? How are they different?

Raising a glass to you on this day of the cocktail! May all your drinks be delicious – cheers!


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