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What to do with the whiskey?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Do you know a whiskey snob who snootily proclaims, “The only way to drink whiskey is [neat] / [on the rocks] / [with water] / [from a glass made of diamonds and delivered to you by a fairy godmother]!”

I mean...that last one would definitely have its advantages...but I digress. Let me start by saying that there is absolutely NO right or wrong way to enjoy whiskey. If you drink it from a sippy cup in between doing backflips and you LOVE it, then you do you. Drinking and eating are deeply personal experiences, just like enjoying art or music or your favorite chosen pastimes.

But if you have no idea where to start, let’s look at some common ways that people enjoy whiskey and why it works:

Neat - this simply means that you sip it in its au naturel state as it comes out of the bottle. This lets you taste exactly what the makers had in mind when they crafted it.

On the rocks - meaning, with ice. The water from the ice can help release some of the flavors from the whiskey that you wouldn’t taste without it. And, it tastes nice on a hot day. However, if you’re still imbibing when the ice has fully melted, you’ll be left with an over-diluted watery whiskey, so proceed with caution!

With water - add a splash or two of water. As mentioned above, the water can allow some of the flavors to come through, especially in a high proof whiskey.

In a cocktail - mixed with other yummy things! Whiskey is not only great by itself, but it plays in the sandbox well with other beverages.

How do you enjoy your whiskey? Share with us in the comments! 👇


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