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About The Fizzy Coupe

The Fizzy Coupe developed from a love of art, community, and a carefully crafted cocktail.
Lisa is an educator and experience designer, exploring the intersection of art, history, culture, food, and beverage. Originally a classically trained musician who specialized in aesthetic education and imaginative learning, Lisa designed innovative education and community programs for nearly a decade and a half, contributing to the mission and vision of the Grammy Award-winning Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Bringing an artist’s perspective to her work behind the bar, Lisa’s deep experience and knowledge in craft cocktails and spirits allow her to create bespoke engagements that spark joy, curiosity, and delight in clients as they explore beverages through the lens of aesthetics and culture.

As a community leader in the beverage industry, Lisa is the immediate past-president and board member of the Pittsburgh chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild, which was named 2023 USBG Chapter of the Year and the 2024 Most Engaged Membership under her leadership. This year, she was also elected to serve on the USBG National Board of Directors and Executive Committee, entrusted by her peers nationally to steward the work of the Guild in its next phase of service to the hospitality community.
Thank you for choosing The Fizzy Coupe to raise your spirits - cheers!
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