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Beer. Slushie.

That you can make at home! With just a blender! No frozen drink machine necessary!

Easy peasy:

Grab yourself a can of fruity, sour beer (a smoothie sour style works well). Pour it into an ice tray and freeze at least overnight.

You’re gonna need some sweetness here, so you can either add a flavored or simple syrup to taste, or (our favorite!), a liqueur or cordial with complementary flavors.

This was a strawberry banana-flavored beer, so we used an ounce of crème de banane to provide the sweetness and amplify the banana flavors.

Experiment and see what you like!

To make it:

Pop the beer cubes into a blender. Add your sweetener or liqueur. Blend on high until you reach a smooth, slushie consistency. Sip & enjoy!


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