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Coolin' down & killin' the pain

We just saw a New Yorker cartoon that said, “It’s this new fitness trend where you just lie motionless and sweat,” and that is too real! Friends, we hope you are staying cool and hydrated today, and maybe have access to sit poolside/ocean side/kiddie-pool-side/freezing-cold-shower-side. For all your beat-the-heat relaxation today, we offer you: The Painkiller. Aptly named, this cool concoction will alleviate a bit of the heat-induced coma and will lend some tropical vibes to your ice bath/under-sprinkler-sitting/dipping-your-toes-in-the-stagnant-puddle-in-the-street.

The story goes that bar owner Daphne Henderson invented the drink at her establishment, the

Soggy Dollar Bar, in the British Virgin Islands in the 1970s. Locals and tourists alike loved it, and it started getting some notoriety. The founder of Pusser’s Rum, Charles Tobias, came to the Soggy Dollar to see what all the fuss was about. Despite begging for over two years, Daphne wouldn’t tell Charles the recipe for the cocktail. So, he snuck one of her cocktails back to his home and figured out the recipe. Then, he went back to the Soggy Dollar Bar, and announced, with all the white guy bravado in the world, that he had figured out Daphne's recipe and it was even better. He had the ten folks who happened to be in the bar at the time compare Daphne's and his drinks. You know how this turns out...his drink was the favorite. Eventually, Pusser's Rum trademarked the "Painkiller" name, and so legally, a true painkiller must be made with Pusser's Rum. And that is, sadly, another story of a white dude stealing the work of a woman and claiming it as his own!

Despite its sad history, the Painkiller is a delicious cocktail, and we choose to raise this glass to Daphne and her Soggy Dollar Bar. Think of her while you're mixing it up and letting it cool you down in these dog days of summer!



2 oz. Pusser's Rum (or choose a dark or naval rum that you like!)

4 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz. freshly squeezed orange juice

1 oz. cream of coconut

Garnish: Grated nutmeg

Add all ingredients (except nutmeg) into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a glass filled with pebble ice, and grate/sprinkle nutmeg on top. Sip & enjoy!

Tips and tricks:

  • Although we always advocate for using fresh juice in your cocktails, pineapple juice is the exception when making drinks at home. Pineapple can be a major pain to juice, so pick up some of those cans of pure pineapple juice at the grocery store and that will do the trick.

  • If you want to use true pebble ice in your cocktail, you can get a bag of it for $2 at your local Sonic chain!

  • Cream of coconut is also easily obtainable at the grocery store; it's usually in cans.


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