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Drink Your Dessert

In the summer, we always have two items on hand:

1. cold brew concentrate, and

2. a package of Oreo cookies.

(OK, so maybe the Oreos are around all year. Get off my back.)

One of my favorite little snack hacks is to open up an Oreo, place three whole coffee beans in the filling, put the sandwich back together, and prepare for heaven on my tastebuds. It’s delicious. Dark and cocoa-y, silky and vanilla-y, and bitter and crunchy.

We’re currently doing a little online class about Jägermeister, and one of the assignments was to create a cocktail with it. We already know that cold brew and Jäger are a treat together (that product already exists in a bottle in the market!); howeverrrrrrr, what if my Oreo/coffee snack could also be put into liquid form and combined with the Jäger? 🤔

Hence, please welcome to the world this little after-dinner dessert shooter bundle of joy: Kaffee Schokolade.


Kaffee Schokolade

1 part Oreo-infused cold brew concentrate (see below)

1 part Jägermeister

1 part milk

Garnish: whipped cream, coffee beans, Oreo cookie dust

First, make the Oreo-infused cold brew concentrate:

Mash a Double Stuf Oreo cookie with a fork or back of a spoon in a small cup until broken into small pieces. Pour 2 oz. of cold brew concentrate over the mashed Oreo and cover. Let it infuse in the fridge overnight. Strain out the cookie bits with a fine mesh kitchen strainer and set aside the liquid to use later.

To make the shooter:

Add Oreo-infused cold brew concentrate, Jägermeister, and milk into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled. (This is an equal parts cocktail, so you can use the base measurement of your choice. For one serving, 3/4 or 1 oz. of each ingredient works.) Double strain into a shooter glass. Garnish with whipped cream on top. Place three coffee beans into the whipped cream and sprinkle with finely chopped Oreo cookie dust. Sip & enjoy!


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